Education is in a state of flux as traditional teaching methods are being re-appraised. Collaborative learning environments are replacing the 'talking head' method of instruction. JCA Architects are advocates for that change working closely with clients to form active learning spaces to endorse and advance this evolving pedagogy.


We bring a fresh approach to the spatial constraints faced by metropolitan schools, recognising that competing demands are an inherent and valuable facet of school life and strive to give expression to its distinctive culture. Creating new environments across a range of learning typologies we focus on the unique needs of the school and tailor an approach to fit.


The conservation team at JCA Architects is headed by David Sheedy who is widely respected in the field and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We provide a full range of conservation services on local and state heritage listed buildings.


To collaborate on these complex tasks, we have forged global partnerships and assembled a multi-disciplinary consultant team.


JCA Architects has proven itself a leader in the field of education and conservation and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate on new projects


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